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Re: Happy Unity Day!

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My country would have been better off if it had decided to not merge so quickly and remain separated.
Anybody who's studied history and knows what the dynamics were like will tell you that that wasn't a realistic option. It's really naive to think that was even possible.

Then SPD candidate Lafontaine managed to lose an election that way even though he was right when he warned about policies like the 1:1 conversion of Ostmark to Deutsche Mark.

All things considered Germany handled this huge task admirably well even though the enormous costs threatened to ruin the German social security system which basically paid for re-unification.

There was no blueprint for how to handle such a situation and back then almost everybody underestimated the challenge. People didn't realize the bad shape the GDR's economy was in to the full extent. Productivity issues, environmental issues, technological issues...
It's no surprise that South Korea has asked Germany for advice recently.

Also, damn: You're so cheerful. Can't even celebrate for a day without complaining? Are you trying to fulfil an old German cliché?
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