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Re: is star trek first contact best star trek movie

The Borg concept had already been stretched out of its ideal shape during TNG, with the episode "Me and You and a Borg Named Hugh" ...uh, I mean, "I, Borg." From there to the Queen was a relatively small step.

It might be that the Queen was a remedy for a script that refused to take shape with an enemy consisting of totally undifferentiated Borg.

I can forgive Picard as an impassioned action hero (on the Holodeck too, not just in "reality") because he was once a mindless slave of the Borg. A big problem with the remaining two movies was that Picard-as-action-hero reappeared, and for inferior reasons.

As to the illogic of Borg decision-making: How many successful movies have featured an absolutely logical, implacable, and totally invulnerable enemy? A short story or novel with such enemies can work, but perhaps a movie cannot. Case in point: The 1947 Jack Williamson novella "With Folded Hands" (concerning the arrival of the humanoids on Earth) is a beautifully written downer; could a movie end that way?

In any case, someone who is making a Star Trek movie has to have a scenario in which the captain (even if at great cost) wins; it's not like a TV series where occasionally you can have an ambiguous ending in which the captain isn't necessarily triumphant (i.e., "A Private Little War").
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