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Re: The "PLEASE remaster DS9 thread"

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Wouldn't it be actually easier to remaster Voyager, for precisely that reason? Meaning, you wouldn't have to mess around with recompositing model shots or anything like what they're doing with TNG-R, just do all new animations.

Notice how I said easier, not cheaper.
I must say it is cheaper too. Compared to the CGI effects of the 90's the same shot would be cheaper to be made now. Let's not forget that they did redo 3 seasons of TOS with CGI recently. And there is another thing: Who knows, maybe the effects shots of the later DS9 and VOY seasons are intact, and maybe, just maybe, they could be reused with a higher quality and resolution texture. That would bring down the prices once again. Usually newer versions of a software are backward compatible, so there might be a chance that the archived effects can be redone with a newer version of the same software. But honestly, I don't know if there is a newer software to whatever CGI software they used then.

Back to being cheaper: I just marvel at some of the fan stuff out there with modern CGI techniques. YouTube has a lot of videos made by fans, and some of them are truly spectacular. (ok, some of them are terrible)
IIRC, what I've heard from VFX people is that CGI hasn't made effects cheaper, but you can do a bit more than they used to be able to for the same amount of money. But the biggest problem is that according to Doug Drexler on his blog, the studios have no freaking clue what to do with the files you need for the CGI models, so at best you might have the models available, but they'd be so low rez that you'd have to make new ones from scratch anyway, but absolutely none of the animation move programming.
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