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Re: is star trek first contact best star trek movie

Care to elaborate on the "holes" in the time travel premise?

Before the brainless nitpicking starts I like to mention two benchmarks, Well's Time Machine and TVH.
The former spent a few pages to explain how time should be considered as fourth dimension and how the time machine doesn't jump ahead in time but accelerates the "speed" with which we move through time. I guess you could nitpick this to death without understanding one iota of what the short time travel setup of the story is all about, to simply get the protagonist into the future.
Same with TVH. Some contrived nonsense about warping around the sun to emerge in the past and some trippy images but who cares, it is just a way to get from A to B.

Ironically FC beats these two works of fiction in terms of brevity. Just some technobabble about chronotons and tata, after 1-2 minutes we are where we have to be.
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