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Part Four

If Al Capone ran a criminal dynasty from the heart of a Federal Penitentiary with draconian intensity, how could Kathryn Janeway expect anything less of herself? Seriously though, if she wanted out, because of the 26 extra years of evolution she had over these reprobates and dilatants, it wouldn’t be so much harder than lacing her boots, but what then? How would awarding security just cause to shoot her ass give her power? Kathryn needed to make Ransom release her himself as if it was his own bright idea if she was going to have some real leverage to see this undertaking through. With some reticence she may have to admit to herself, but only to herself, that It shouldn’t have come to this, but Jailbird Janeway knew her passions intimately and that she couldn’t have forced herself to be “nicer” to this scum, no matter how politically necessary some tact might have been is entirely irrelevant, because there are some twofaced lines she’s not willing to cross, sure she’ll bargain with the Borg, draw into an alliance with Seska, have babies with Tom Paris but it’s contemptible to treat these traitors as anything less than her nemesises until they prove otherwise. The problem with the moral dynamic as it stands is that the 70-something strong crew of the Equinox did not know that she is the good guy and that they are the bad guys or that they should be feeling incalculable degrees of shame for what they had not as yet done, and how could they? They don’t know how guilty they are of crimes they have yet to commit… Which are certainly almost impossible to recommit now that she has kicked history off kilter that they might not ever meet those other dimensional beings, in fact it’s one of the key points of her Rommelian plan to steer this ship completely around where those drooling buggers nest.

There’s an Ensign with a tray of food trying to get her attention.

The Admiral begins a conversation “Did you know that there’s a shadow conspiracy helping Starfleet Fleet on every level using harsher, immediate and more final means than is the usual consideration of the modern human condition?”

“Maybe where you come from Admiral.”

“Seriously, whatever weak as piss patter Ransom is going to come up with to put me in a box and make sure I yield to his superior faith in the universe, a universe now I might add primarily of my own construction… You’re either the woman here to give me lunch or you’re exactly who I know you are.”

“I’m here to give you your lunch.”

“But I want Dinner. Your ships clock is out of sync with my stomach.”

“I have lunch.”

“I know. But I can’t help what I want. What do you want?”

“Exactly the same as every one else Admiral.”

“That’s a very political answer.”

“Well that’s odd because I’m not a very political person.”

“Assassins never are.”

‘You think I’m an assassin?”

“How much of your crew died in the transit?”

“You’re from the future you should know that.”

“ Four. Lucky bastards. I wanted to see if you would answer my question truthfully.”

“Lying doesn’t come easy to me.”

‘I’m still trying to decide who you are.”

The girl in blue, tries to offer the steel tray of rations and dry goods again.

Janeway lifts an eyebrow in contempt.

“You still don’t trust me?”

“I met you 2 and half minutes ago.”

“Do you want me to eat half your lunch so that you can be sure that I haven’t poisoned it?

“You might have poisoned only half of it.”

“Why exactly do you think I’m trying to kill you?”

“Kill me or recruit me.”

“You think I want to recruit you into a Shadow conspiracy?

“Unless you’re merely here to give me a whole & hearty meal.”

“Which is possibly poisoned?”

Certainly poisoned.”

“So even if I didn’t poison this lunch, you think someone else might have?”

“This ship is falling apart, in ruin, chaos, yet some insipid heart on their sleeve dogooder has the strength of charity to wonder if I’m peckish? Even the most benevolent of souls bury their own dead before they deal with someone who may be the root cause of the body count surrounding them. No person on this ship should be having a single thought towards my general upkeep until half way through tomorrow unless they believe they are operating on parallel orders that supersede the Captain’s authority to maintain security on this ship.”

“Isn’t that what you are doing? You think you can second guess the chain of command?”

“I'm here because I’m second guessing God, then incidentally, the chain of command.”

“Pride cometh before the fall?”

“Guess what comeths after the fall?”


“If the 29th century decides to stop me, they’re going to leave you here to rot. You’re supposed be here, I am not.”

‘What about the 30th and 31st centuries?”

“Either they’re more polite than whom I usually deal with, or I’ve got them running scared from reputation alone.”

“You don’t seem so scary.”

“I am a wonderful human being in moderation.”

“What if I pretended to belong to this shadow conspiracy and assured you that you’re more useful to us alive than dead so that you can be certain that this meal is %100 safe to consume?”

“Well that only depends on the potency of your imagination?”

“I have a respectable imagination. Nothing to be ashamed of I’ve always thought.”

“you have a strong imagination but you can’t lie very well. What a contradiction in terms you are.”

“That’s what all the boys say.”

“To what ends am I more useful?”

“You can show us the way home of course.”

“75 years, that way.” Janeway points toward the bow of the ship with pointy pointed pointer finger.

“We know how to get home like that.”

“You want some tips?”

“Well I’m not a navigator, but if you know the state of the local politics… Places to avoid, sanctuaries, maybe an oasis a trading station or gods forbid a wormhole. We’re going to be ready to move in a couple hours and it would be nice to know where we should be going.”

“You don’t have the power to authorize any deals, I doubt you have the authority to change my menu.”

“Maybe not but the Captain Respects initiative.”

“And he’s monitoring this conversation.”


“Once you get your short range sensors working, you’re going to notice a small fleet of Klingon Warbirds and birds of prey. It’s essential that you pacify and restrain the crews, several thousand of them, before they wake up and destroy us. And we’re not talking about the fleet officers from the Klingon defence force you’re used to dealing with, these thugs and bastards will be thinking about what you taste like ground up for gravy as they’re deciding how best to assassinate you. You need to think fast ensign.”


“They followed me from the future. Probably want to make a coat out of my backside.”

“I don’t know how serious you are about… “

“Don’t blink.”

“A klingon war fleet?”

“Judge a woman by her enemies.”

"What are we supposed to do with thousands of klingons?”

“Sell them for spare parts of course, it's the only thing your wretched crew is good for.”
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