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Re: TOS Enterprise Shuttle Storage?

There is also the possibility that the turntable isn't an elevator at all. Heck, perhaps it is not even a turntable!

I mean, in the forced perspective scale model, it is a mechanism used in rotating the shuttle scale model. But basically it's just a yellowish circle painted on the deck inside a red square. If we discard the idea that it rotates or moves the shuttle, we can treat it as a mere marker (painted on a solid floor without moving parts) for the point where shuttle pilots are supposed to rotate their craft after landing. After which they can back it into one of the side-by-side elevators at the forward end of the landing bay (as later seen in ST:TMP and ST5:TFF, "naked" in the former, but with a bulkhead and rolling doors in the latter), and use those to ride down one or two decks. Straight down, and without inconveniencing other traffic. After which the pilot nudges the shuttle out of the lift and parks it in a further circle on the (upper or lower) hangar deck, and any Vulcan dignitaries onboard may step out.

...And march towards the bow of the ship, to a corridor situated neatly between the two lifts. Although that detail may be adjusted as we please, to create the best possible fit. Hey, we might even be able to fit the forced-perspective section of the engineering set between the two lifts at the uppermost, landing bay level somehow. Say, by using lifts that move an angled path, coming closer to each other as they move down.

Timo Saloniemi
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