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Re: TOS Enterprise Shuttle Storage?

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"It only becomes a problem if the flight deck is very short which would move the elevator further back over the fantail. It is not a problem on a longer flight deck from my 3D experimenting:

I did try an angled lift but for the complications of the shuttle hitting the flight deck opening it just looked simpler to have it go straight up/down especially given how small the elevator is to begin with, IMHO."
I salute your increcible and most commendable approach to bless us with a 3D recreation of the Enterprise that strives for accuracy and authenticity (I feel like I have 300 years to catch up as I simultaneously work myself through this thread and it's a highly enjoyable and thrilling experience).

In that sense I feel that the original, rare b&w pictures (link in my previous post) with that exterior shot of the VFX flight deck model miniature allow us to conclude exactly the position of the shuttlepad (and where the flight deck ends) in relation to the rest of the ship.

A shorter flight deck could enable allignment of the "engineering section's" cathedral with the nacelles' pylons and one might consider rationalizing the circular corridors in the engineering hull to run around the 'probe cylinder', i.e. an extendable cylinder with mission specific probe launching tubes (TOS-R "Operation Annihilate" BBD's ).

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"But it is worth revisiting since I am planning to try again at that flight deck "
Words cannot express my gratitude. I'd also like to add that a diagonal, circular shuttlepad lift would also enable us to go down further to where I believe the freight deck would be. Thus cargo containers (TMP & WOK style) could be loaded onto the shuttlepad at the flight deck and could be lifted down all the way to the freight deck. One lift to serve two purposes.

One page 2, post # 20 of this thread you were wondering about the square porthole in "Conscience of the King". As its location (according to TOS-R) is on the ship's port side, which happens to be the side of the VFX Enterprise that had never been detailed, IMHO, there is no need to expect the port side to be symmetrical to the (well known) starboard side.
A quick look at the underside of the saucer section reveals that the windows aren't always symmetrical:

And here, just for fun and detail clarity, another (behind the scenes) VFX shot of a shuttlecraft that just touched down on the flight deck:

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