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Re: Why Enterprise and not Yorktown?

Wow, I was just explaining my challenged cantankeriness at people speculating when somebody asked if people actually knew something. I was joining in the "discussion." i still stand by my point, though, that if someone asks if you "know" something, you ought to respond if you have a well-warranted, factual answer; not just take guesses. But whatever. I'm not a fighter.

You are right, Christopher, whom I respect a great deal, that this wasn't my question to get irked about. Being a human, I get irked, though, and weighed in. My bad.

In the spirit of the times, let me offer my guess. "Enterprise" IS a grand and a beautiful name, mellifluous and meaningful. "York" has that RK sound right in the middle of it that is homely. That is perhaps why GR changed it. Perhaps.

Love to all of you.
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