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The simulation shows the Genesis device flying into a dead moon at high speed, like a suicidal projectile. But the simulation is also... a simulation. Quite possibly it "actually" shows the device soft-landing on a preselected spot on the moon, performing a safety countdown, and then initiating the Genesis process.
I agree, it could have been dramatised for the sake of the video proposal. No one would want to sit and watch nothing happen for four minutes while the countdown went through its thing.

But I disagree with most of the other stuff you said.

But Genesis is never credited with the ability to turn nebulas into planets, or otherwise manipulate the larger physical shape of things.
No, it is credited with being able to reorganise matter. "It is a process by which molecular matter is re-organised at the subatomic level into life-generating matter of equal mass." Does sound to me like it cares whether it's a solid, liquid or gas. Indeed, if Genesis was to work at all, it would have to deal with gasses, as most moons and planets have atmospheres. No use terraforming the surface if the atmosphere remains poison. We must assume that if it is matter, Genesis can work with it.

Mountains do not rise on the simulated moon; basins merely fill with water.
Yes they do certainly rise.

The moon's diameter is not altered. As far as the movie is concerned, Genesis just redecorates your house. You need Starfleet Corps of Engineers to build the actual house.
Carol was quite clear that the mass remains the same, but topography can change. We see it change in the proposal.

Carol Marcus does say that the third stage experiment or the related simulation only represents a "merest fraction" of the potential of the Genesis technology, granted. But Khan only had access to the third stage hardware; there's no reason to believe this hardware lived up to the full potential.
Actually, Carols says the reformed moon in the proposal represents the merest fraction of the Genesis potential.
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