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My point is that fans who will not permit one iota of non canonical explanation (author's intent, script, production notes, novelizations, common sense) count, every debate becomes invalidated. If the episode or movie doesn't show us, no further speculation is tolerated.
Common sense?
Isn't it nice that those who don't agree with you (and I've noticed that you view yourself as the arbiter of all things right and true in Star Trek) are just too dumb to see the light.

This discussion is still ongoing because we all know what the intent of the filmmakers was for the final act. The problem is that nothing of that translated into the finalized movie.
The film in its incomplete and very vague form (as far as the not realized VFX-shots and dropped lines of dialogue go) leaves room enough for both views.
Hence the very lively discussion.

So don't give us this crap about common sense.
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