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Re: The Top 40 Male Film Lead Actors of all Time

In another shared opening credit situation, Denzel Washington and Gene Hackman's names were jointly occupying the pre-title spot in CRIMSON TIDE. My guess is this was done not because of star ego, but in the nature of the dueling commanders' plot.

One actor who seemed sensitive about billing was Raul Julia. In HAVANA he totally withdrew his name from all credits when he was denied over-the-title billing. And in EYES OF LAURA MARS, for reasons I'm still not certain, he had himself listed only as ''R.J.''

40. Arnold Schwarzenegger
39. Spencer Tracy
38. Steve McQueen
37. Gary Cooper
36. Daniel Craig
35. Errol Flynn
34. Sean Penn
33. Richard Burton
32. Tom Hanks
31. Edward Norton
30. Paul Newman
29. Michael Caine
28. William Holden
27. Clive Owen
26. Samuel L. Jackson
25. Marlon Brando
24. Al Pacino
23. Charlton Heston
22. Burt Lancaster
21. Frank Sinatra
20. Tom Cruise
19. Clint Eastwood
18. James Cagney
17. Gary Oldman
16. Denzel Washington
15. Jack Nicholson
14. Harrison Ford
13. Dustin Hoffman
12. Sidney Poitier
11. Humphrey Bogart
10. Sean Connery
9. Robert Duvall
8. Cary Grant
7. Henry Fonda
6. Charlie Chaplin
5. Gene Hackman
4. Gregory Peck
3. Robert DeNiro

Was there ever any doubt?
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