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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Maxwell Everett wrote: View Post
Notice also that they shot against black instead of bluescreen like ILM preferred. They over-exposed the model to create a matte pass -- essentially a luma key instead of a chroma key.
Ah, that's clever. I wondered what that was for.

It's great that the separate layers from the movie FX all survived on film. Is this how they originally used these shots for TNGs broadcast, or were the shots simply taken from the final cut film back then?

Dream wrote: View Post
I'd rather they release Ent. I'd love to watch Season 4 in Hi-Def, especially if they give it a generous special feature treatment (which considering its HD already, is really all they need to do).
As I understand it, many (if not all) of Enterprise's FX shots were rendered at 720p or lower, at least for the first three seasons. Fine for HD broadcast, but not quite up to Blu-ray standards.* Mind you, if Eden FX (and whatever other FX studios were involved) still have the files, it wouldn't be too big a job to re-render all those shots. Certainly an easier job than doing DS9!

* This same issue didn't stop Firefly from getting a Blu-ray release, mind you.
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