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Re: Episode of the Week: Hide and Q

It's certainly not the worst Q episodes (because unlike some of the later ones it certainly never dull) but it certainly is the... oddest.

As others have said the planet set doesn't even look as good as reuses of it elsewhere in the same season, let alone compared to... well pretty much any depiction of any alien planet you've ever seen.

After a fun début in the pilot, De Lance is very off here, seeming more like the campiest camp queen of camp space than he ever will again. And considering how camp he can seem normally that's a hell of an achievement. With some ofother off moments from the regulars (including the scene that could almost be the exact moment Crosby decided to start getting on at her agent for other work. Any other work) couple with the poor planet realisation I think the director has to shoulder a lot of the blame for what doesn't work here through seeming to not give a fuck.

Considering what he did with a mediocre script last week, it's enough to make you wish they'd chained Rob Bowman to the camera and forced him to direct the entire season.

Though the script does have to shoulder its fair share of the blame as well. The moral dilema with the child just doesn't work, because it never feels like a situation where using the power would be wrong.

If it had been someone who'd been dead for days, or thousands of people, the issue would be a lot muddier and it'd be easier for Picard to make his point about that being too much power.

But saving one person who has just died... that's something almost everyday for this crew. The ending of Code of Honor depended on it and Crusher will try her best to do it with Yar at the end of the season without Picard stepping forward and telling her off for her troubles.

It also gets confusing that not saving the girl is supposed to be the right choice on Riker's part but it still seemingly the catalyst for him turning into a mild arsehole at the end of the show. So letting her die didn't really make any difference at all. Yay for small needless small child fatalities.

The only really good bit of the show was Geordi's line to Tasha, where he basically just uses it as an excuse to hit on her and thus winds up feeling like the most human person in the whole show.
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