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Re: Best Audio Book?

There's a list of Evelyn audios at her Wikipedia page; they're released in chronological order with the exceptions of Thicker than Water and A Death in the Family, both of which take place after her travels with the Doctor have ended. You can listen to those two, in the order I've mentioned them, at any point after Arrangements for War, although A Death in the Family also follows on from Project: Destiny, a seventh Doctor audio that itself follows on from Project: Twilight and Project: Lazarus. But don't worry too much about this timeline stuff; most of the Evelyn stories are standalone.

I like Evelyn as a character, but the stories in which she's appeared haven't often been standouts to my mind. Jubilee is brilliant, but none of the others I've heard have really impressed me. Doctor Who and the Pirates is pretty well-liked, though (the third episode is a musical), as are Arrangements for War and Thicker than Water. I do have a soft spot for 100, but it's not going to be to everyone's taste.
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