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Re: is star trek first contact best star trek movie

First Contact started the Star Trek death spiral. And, as a result, eventually gave us the abomination of JJ's wreck.

It abandons everything about the Borg that made them unique, and fearsome, and turned them into comedy zombies with a ridiculous queen. And then, because the writers are lazy, they make it so if you kill the queen you automatically win! LAZY LAZY LAZY. The Borg were a collective not a hive. I'd even be tempted to call it sexist writing to try and sex up the Borg.

The Borg don't even bother to adapt to Starfleet's weapons. A battle that rages for hours and we still see the Federation blowing holes in the cube with phasers and photon torpedos. Dumb. Oh the Sphere taken out by one torpoedo! Come on. And a weak spot? Lazy.

It turns Picard into an action hero. The exact opposite of series Picard. In fact it just becomes the Data/Picard show. With cameos from the rest of the TNG cast.

Where are the DS9 people?

The time travel premise was ridiculous. So full of holes that have been discussed a million times so I won't even bother.

It's a mindless movie that isn't Star Trek. It doesn't even follow it's own canon. It basically was everything Voyager would eventually try to be.
I'd rather watch Star Trek: V and Nemesis a thousand times than be subjected to Abrams Trek again.
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