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October 2012 Challenge: Your Darkest Nightmare

Ok a win by default isn't much of a win but I'll take it

My entry last mouth was just a spur of the moment quickie, which I thought might have gotten at least someone else fired up to do the same, but hey-ho.

Now then on to the Challenge. I did have another idea of what to do, but then RB_Kandy said something that made me change my mind.

Last month it was about dreams, this month, with Halloween at the end of it, I decided to go down the darker path. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to put your characters through their worst nightmare: the greatest foe they've ever faced; deep, dark personal demons that threaten to consume them; a horrific evil that will destroy them, their ship, and their crewmates.

Put them through hell and see if they come out of it on the other side.


Now for some rules:
1. Word limit is 7500 for this month
2. Only post a story once its completed
3. Original stories only, nothing posted here before
4. No crossovers this month, use either canon or original characters/ships/etc
5. Remember to post the link to your story in this thread
6. Closing date: 1800 (GMT), Wednesday 31st October
7. Voting will commence on the closing date and will run to Friday 2nd November

Any question then please ask, either here or by PM.

Enjoy...if you dare
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