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Re: They are going ahead with a Justice League movie

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Is it really? The target audience for your typical superhero feature film these days is in the 15-30 age range, more or less. Most of them wouldn't even have been born when the Carter series went off the air, and it's been quite a long time since it was in regular syndication. I think the generation that the movies will be targeted toward is more likely to know Wonder Woman from the Justice League animated series if at all.
I'm not so sure.. i believe the main audience of today's superhero movies consists of about 80% general audience who just want to see some hyped up, cool action movie with big scenes and cool special effects.
Which only reinforces my point. Most of the target audience would have little prior perception of Wonder Woman at all, and those that did are more likely to know her from the JL animated series than from the old '70s show. So it doesn't make sense to assume that the '70s series will dictate how the movie's audience perceives Wonder Woman.

Depending on how they want to portray Wonder Woman and how important she is to the storyline it could take away from the whole movie if they have to spend time to introduce her and not let her be just this superstrong woman who could stand up to Superman in a fight.
Well, the premiere episode of Justice League managed to cover her origins pretty well in about two minutes, although they trimmed out the traditional contest sequence.
But who would have watched the animated series? It's the 20% i estimated who would already know more background about the characters and who don't need any introduction but the other 80% who just want to see the latest blockbuster. They might not have seen the 70s show (far before most of them) and most of them don't watch superhero animated shows so you would need to introduce her if she has any vital role to play other than eye candy.

This is what i feel will distract from the movie itself.. all those origin stories need to be included apart from Superman and Batman who have really been done to death and have entered the public mind so if they don't want to do a Superman/Batman team up movies with some other characters thrown in like an afterthought they need to slow it down a bit and maybe follow the Marvel approach a bit better.. it worked for them and i believe DC has equally interesting characters to develop.
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