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Re: does a starfleet ship always have a CO with the rank of captain?

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I think TOS and TNG tried to touch on that with the fact that they were given flagship status, meaning they had much responsibility within the fleet, but that is just my guess.
There's no reason to believe the Enterprise was meant to be Starfleet's flagship in TOS. The others obviously were, but the original 1701 could very well have been any other ship.

And yes, I know many novels and even Trek XI have since retconned the original Enterprise as the flagship, but I really don't believe that was the intention in the 60s.
Fair enough, I don't truly believe the original was meant to be flagship either (it seems that in TOS flagships had higher ranking commanders). The 1701 like many others were however given "starship" status, which at the time of production seemed to be a big deal, but again this is all guestimation on my part.

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It was clear that Kirk regretted his promotion, so I have a hard time seeing him doing it twice.
But how much say would Kirk have in the end? He's an employee, a resource for Starfleet to utilize. He may simply be told "we want Admiral Kirk, and have no use for Captain Kirk - wanna this fancy star or these discharge papers?", and that's that. Starfleet did seem to keep him in a display case of sorts, using him as a prolific and profilic instructor (Academy Commandant?) and never sending him anywhere; clearly, he wasn't being asked what he wanted to do.

Timo Saloniemi
He seemed to have the choice to demote.
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