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Re: Lucy Liu cast as Watson in CBS' Sherlock Holmes show

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If they give their Holmes a sex life it will be a risky break with tradition.
Didn't you catch the part in the pilot where Holmes said that while he found sex distasteful, he needed it as part of his "process," which was why the hooker was just leaving when Watson showed up? It's certainly not a love life, but it is a sex life.

If they give their Watson a sex life, it will mean writing a sex life for a woman lead who can't be thrown into the refrigerator. Yet given the premise, the woman in this case can't be defined by her sexuality.
Which is not even remotely uncommon in television today, a fact you seem to be missing. You're assuming that it's somehow exceptional for "a woman lead" not to be defined solely by her sexuality, and if you think that, then you must not have watched a lot of television in the past decade or two.

And it's not a question of flirting with Holmes. This Watson is supposed to already have a life of her own, and unlike this Holmes, hasn't left it thousands of miles away. Has she no one to go to the opera with?
How the hell does that make her "sexless?" Lots of people are lonely without wanting to be alone. If you've never experienced that, I envy you, and so would millions of other people. Hell, this Watson is obviously pretty screwed up emotionally, dealing with guilt and failure, embarrassed by her past. It's not surprising that she'd be reluctant to let people get close, or that she might've lost the friends and associates she had in her former life. There are plenty of reasons why she could be alone without being "sexless." That's simply a ludicrous assumption to jump to.
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