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Re: why was ensign kim not promoted at all in 7 years?

KingDaniel wrote: View Post
Harry Kim was an ensign for seven years because Starfleet pays attention to it's recruit's ability levels. Not everyone can be James T. "Four years? I'll do it in three" Kirk.

Compare Star Trek with the Voyager episode "Nightingale" to see how Kirk and Kim's first commands compare.

Here's to the next 40 years of Harry Kim's ensignhood!
You're talking about nuKirk, in which case it DOES NOT COUNT. Besides, on his worst day, Harry Kim could never be as obnoxious as nuKirk.

teacock wrote: View Post
I watched Flashback last night and found myself thinking, "I like this Captain Sulu! He's exciting!" I wonder how he would have gone with a whole show. He'd be a diplomat like Picard only with swords and a whole lot more humor.
And sexiness. (And yes, I'm a straight female and he's a gay male, and so what?)

Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
Question is would he have pulled an Ellen?

Gay actor dealing with the Hypocrisy of playing straight for only so long until measures have to be taken.
The thing is, the CHARACTER of Sulu was always shown to be at least heterosexual. He flirted with women, and in the "Generations" movie (much as I loathed that movie), we are told that Sulu has a daughter.

Of course we don't know if Demora Sulu is adopted, cloned, from another universe, found in a cabbage patch, the product of a normal pregnancy achieved in a heterosexual relationship with a woman, the product of a surrogacy arrangement, or whatever.

Another possibility is that the CHARACTER of Sulu is bisexual. My favorite fanfiction series (Valjiir) shows Sulu as openly, unashamedly bisexual, with a variety of lovers from different species, of either sex.

So when it comes down to it, what difference would it make?

Zombie Redshirt wrote: View Post
There was a lot of speculation that we'd get an Excelsior series instead of Enterprise. All things considered, I think that would have worked out better.
teacock wrote: View Post
But how good an actor is Takei? He's very fetching in Flashback but it's a brief part and much of the fetchingness is fandoration generated I suspect.
Enterprise screwed with canon something awful, which is why I could never like even the mere existence of the series. And to me, not one of the human/alien characters was likeable. The only character I liked was Porthos.

We should have had a "Captain Sulu" series with the Excelsior. Damn, he proved in the sixth movie and in "Flashback" that he'd be a great starship captain, and just because Takei didn't show up all over the place on network TV like Shatner, Nimoy, and (in B5) Koenig did, that's no reason to assume he wasn't/isn't a perfectly competent actor.

Dream wrote: View Post
teacock wrote: View Post
Picard: yes this happened but there were also scary scenes revealing his chest underneath a silk dressing gown which detracts points
It was funny how Riker was intended to be the sex symbol in early TNG, but Picard completely took over that role with many women that were watching. Patrick Stewart also was able to stay in much better shape than Frakes through the entire series and the movies too.
And what's wrong with Patrick Stewart's chest?

Or any other portion of his anatomy, for that matter? Have you never seen him in I, Claudius?

teacock wrote: View Post
Dream wrote: View Post
teacock wrote: View Post

I don't think either of them are sexy and Riker is of course utterly repulsive to me. Picard is a nice guy but I can't ever remember looking at him as remotely hot.
Why do you hate Riker so much? I see you bashing Riker in every other one of your posts!
He's gross, he's like a dog version of every Alpha male stereotype. He barks, he lunges as he walks, he's smarmy, he talks in an aggressive manner in completely unwarranted situations. There is nothing likable about him.
First-season Riker was too damn perfect. He was like a more aggressive and less-sensitive version of TMP's Will Decker. I mean, he's in his quarters and getting off on a holographic projection of angelic women playing harps? Come on! And those "puppy eyes" just made me shudder. Puppy-eyed expressions belong on puppies, not adult human males.

Every other season-Riker... yuck. In addition to the reasons listed upthread, he had this weird tilt to his head and list to his body when he walked, like he was going to tip over. One of my high school math teachers always walked like that - like he had to tilt his head to the side lest he bump it on a ceiling that was still several feet above him, and it drove me crazy! And he'd never sit properly on the bridge - Newsflash, Riker: We know you're male. You didn't need to keep advertising it in every damn episode!

And Jonathan Frakes never had the classical training Patrick Stewart had. It takes a lot of practice and physical training to keep in shape for all those Shakespearean plays and other period pieces. Keeping in shape and eating right are probably as natural to Patrick Stewart as breathing.
"Let's give it to Riker. He'll eat anything!"

For some great Original Series fanfic, check out the Valjiir Continuum!
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