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Re: Enterprise-D vs. Voyager (extenuating circumstances)

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^No, Picard didn't. The Traveler did....
So basically Picard got the alien that sent his ship to another galaxy to send them home while Janeway couldn't in her situation.

Picard 1, Janeway 0
Because the traveler didn't drop in to see Janeway. Besides, traveler had the ability to warp space, so it has nothing to do with the Enterprise D's ability to travel. That's my point. It would be meaningless in a situation where the E-D and Voyager faced off together.
The alien in VOY was the caretaker, I think what he meant when faced with a situation in which an alien transported the ship across the galaxy/galaxies. Picard was able tp get the traveller to return them home, whilst Janeway was unable to do the same task with the caretaker.

Yes and I know the situations had other diffeences
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