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Re: "James Bond 23" officially slated for 2012!

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We'll find out when the full album is out in November.
You'll find out. I was willing to buy David Arnold's albums sight-unseen, but I'm waiting until after I see the movie to pick Skyfall up.
To each his own. I love the music from all the Bond films.

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I get what you mean regarding Tomorrow Never Dies and the fact that it refers often to the "Surrender" track by k.d. lang more than it does Sheryl Crow's actual theme, but the Casino Royale score "quotes" "You Know My Name" all over the place in that movie.
Didn't TLD do the same?

If I remember, The Pretenders' song was in the movie the movie (both the song itself and as a cue) more than the a-Ha song was.
The Pretenders did two songs for The Living Daylights.

"Where Has Everybody Gone?" was used primarily as the basis for Necros' theme in the film.

"If There Was A Man" was the mined for the love theme for Bond and Kara.

a-ha's "The Living Daylights" was obviously used as the basis for Bond's "action theme" in conjunction with the actual Bond theme we all know and love.

In each case, John Barry collaborated with both The Pretenders and a-ha to create the score he did.
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