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mclea1mm - Intrepid Class

Howdy all,

I wanted to open a thread to document my progress on an Intrepid class starship. Of course, I'm using Voyager heavily for reference.

Note that I'm not going for a 100% accurate reproduction, though I usually like to get as close as I can. Mostly I think it's a really interesting design, and I thought it would be fun to hone my skills with it.

My weapon of choice is 3D Studio Max. I'm doing a game asset workflow, so I'll be making a high poly model that will be used for texture baking. Those textures will then be applied to a low poly version of the same model.

For a little while there will be a very noticeable split down the middle, as I'm only working on one side and mirroring it.

Here are a few renders. Only a few hours into it so far.

Thanks for looking!
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