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Re: Lucy Liu cast as Watson in CBS' Sherlock Holmes show

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Finally, does anyone commenting on Elementary have anything to say about it's approach to Watson, which is the lynchpin of the whole adaptation?
I thought Liu's Watson was basically a blank slate. I don't think she's a very good actor, and the pilot didn't do anything to convince me otherwise.

As far as the background for the character... she lost a patient and so... she quit her job...? Meh. It would be great if there was something much more to the story. Like SHE spiraled out and did drugs for a while... or shot herself or something... Right now, she's a character for Holmes to talk AT.
^^^The way I thought of it was that it was not yet clear that Watson was a character we could admire, and therefore one whose endorsement of the outre Holmes would matter. If you actively dislike Liu's performance, the whole thing is rather disjointed, with no dramatic flow at all.
I'm a little reluctant yet to assume that the problem is Liu can't deliver the script's Watson. They would want to hold back, pace the reveals, I think. The revelation that she likes opera enough to ditch Holmes and go alone seems a little stingy, though. The disquieting thought is that Liu's Watson is being set up as a sexless person. In which case, this Watson is not the normal human perspective on genius and crime at all.
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