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Re: Enterprise-D vs. Voyager (extenuating circumstances)

Gary7 wrote: View Post
Voyager has "transphasic warp" (or whatever the correct term is).
Wasn't that basically a fictional device that the Doctor just "made-up" while have a conversation with Chakotay?

The thing from the Bayou wrote: View Post
Because the traveler didn't drop in to see Janeway.
No, but Q did "drop in," and at one point was offering to send Voyager home.

Besides, traveler had the ability to warp space, so it has nothing to do with the Enterprise D's ability to travel. That's my point. It would be meaningless in a situation where the E-D and Voyager faced off together.
Sometimes it isn't the dog in the fight, but the fight in the dog.

The Enterprise's commander saw an opportunity to save their crew, and was willing to exploit it, Voyager's commander wasn't.


TOS, TNG and VGR never mentioned a "Federation President."
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