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Re: Star Trek: TNG - Hive already has continuity flaw

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it states that the borg of the 29th century have assimilated the entire galaxy. However, there were several stories dealing with the 31st century in Enterprise and Voyager (here).
And Star Trek has only ever shown one version of the distant future.
Star Trek HAS only shown one version of the distant future. All other futures get wiped out and they never intersect, as far as I remember. For example, there's never 2 contradicting stories about the same distant future.
Think about it: We've seen literally thousands of alternate universes on screen (in that TNG episode where thousands of Enterprises were showing up in the same area - and there were several other episodes dealing with multiple alternate universes/timelines/realities as well).

Unless you're saying all of those alternate universes converge into that one distant future we've seen... then that means there are an equally large number of alternate futures.

What's more, once Locutus succeeds in altering the past, this future won't even exist anymore.
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