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Re: Halloween 2012 - Costumes, Ideas, & Photos Thread

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^I fear your memory is as imperfect as your rhyme, as I've started the Halloween costume thread for at least the past two years.
Oh, fiddle dee-dee!
Is my memory that sketchy?

Gryffindorian October 1 2011 06:36 PM

Halloween 2011: Costume Ideas, Events, etc.

So what are your plans and costume ideas this coming Halloween? This year, I'm not going to have the typical sci-fi/fantasy theme I did in the past (e.g., Harry Potter, Star Trek, etc.). I won't be Thor, Green Lantern, Captain Jack Sparrow, or a Hogwarts student. But when I saw this costume on a website, I just had to buy it!
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Halloween Costume Thread!
It's October the 1st -- time to start thinking about those costumes, if you haven't already! So, what are you planning on being this year? Homemade or storebought?
Share you ideas and progress here. Celebrate brand new ideas and costumes past! Post pictures!
As for me, I might recycle my old Dangermouse costume from last year, seeing as I'm short on cash.

But I also like the idea of being a gay sailor, with a thick moustache and anchor tattoos and such. I'd have to do some serious bosom-binding, but I already have the sailor hat.
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