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Re: Fantastic Four inspiration - Angry Red Planet?

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(ETA: Allow me to quibble! )

I'm sorry, I haven't read Challengers of the Unknown or really know anything about them, but your list of their names and "professions" seems to pretty easily map to the four elements.

Ace ( a pilot) = air (he flies for a living)

Red ( a daredevil) = fire (his name, daredevils tend to be "fiery")

Rocky ( a boxer ) = earth (his name, boxers are "rooted")

Prof (a marine scientist) = water (he studies life in the water and you mentioned he's a diver)
A daredevil equaling fire is a bit of a stretch. The "daredevilish" thing Red is noted for is mountain climbing. Rocky was no doubt named for Rocky Graziano.
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