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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

Slow, slow month. Didn't have any theme going, so I was basically reading whatever fell into my hands upon completion of the previous book. I also abandoned several books that failed to grab my interest.

09/02/2012 Vultures of the Void: The Legacy by Philip Harbottle
09/03/2012 The Rocketeer Deluxe: The Complete Adventures (gn) by Dave Stevens et. al.
09/07/2012 The Believing Brain (audiobook) by Michael Shermer
09/11/2012 Last Chance to See (audiobook) by Douglas Adams and Mark Carwardine
09/16/2012 God is Not Great (audiobook) by Christopher Hitchens
09/18/2012 Star Trek Omnibus Volume 2: Early Voyages (gn) by Abnett & Edginton/Zircher, Collins, Pulido/Adams, Moncuse
09/19/2012 Love and Rockets New Stories No. 5 (gn) by The Hernandez Bros.
09/21/2012 Star Trek: Telepathy War (gn) by Cooper, Mangels & Martin, Abnett & Edginton/Renaud & Lanning, Grindberg & Almond, Morgan & Williams, Randall & Nichols, Zircher & Moncuse
09/22/2012 All The Lives He Led (audiobook) by Frederik Pohl
09/22/2012 (The Adventures of) The Peerless Peer by Philip Josť Farmer
09/23/2012 Star Trek FAQ: Everything Left to Know About the First Voyages of the Starship Enterprise by Mark Clark
09/26/2012 John Byrne’s Next Men: Aftermath (gn) by John Byrne
09/27/2012 Manly (gn) by Dale Lazarov & Amy Colburn
09/28/2012 The Last Theorem (audiobook) by Arthur C. Clarke & Frederik Pohl
09/28/2012 Nightlife (gn) by Dale Lazarov & Bastian Jonsson
09/28/2012 Good Sports (gn) by Dale Lazarov & Alessio Slonimsky
09/28/2012 Aztlan: The Last Sun (na) by Michael Jan Friedman

The Dale Lazarov graphic novels barely count as "reading," since they're entirely wordless (makes it easier to sell around the world...?). Anyway, they were somewhat amusing, but not particularly arousing.

Lots more assorted graphic novels. Somehow that seemed to be what I could concentrate sufficiently to read last month. The apparent wrap-up of Byrne's Next Men was every bit as weird as I was expecting. Great series.

The Star Trek Telepathy War crossover comics were not as good as I remembered them, and not really a GN, because they were never collected. Oh, and the Voyager chapter isn't really part of the series; no real connection between it and the rest.

Finished up Star Trek FAQ, which I've been reading bit by bit over the last few months. Highly recommended.

A couple Fred Pohl audiobooks at the gym. I liked All The Lives He Led a good deal more than his collaboration with Arthur C. Clarke. I've been a fan of Pohl's since the '70's, and one of the highlights of my Provo years was getting to be his chauffeur for one of the BYU Science Fiction Symposia, where Pohl was the guest of honor, in '84 or '85. Had a great time driving him up to the Salt Lake airport to collect his wife, who came in on a later flight. They were still fairly newly wed at that point, and it was clear that he simply worshipped her. It was touching to see that much love.

A couple of "new atheist" titles lent me by a friend. I've never spent much time with Hitchens. He was a brilliant writer, and God Is Not Great is one of the best books I've ever "read." I'm looking for more Hitchens. Any recommendations?

A new volume of Love & Rockets is always a treat. Jaime Hernandez is simply brilliant. I think I might've mentioned that before...

Reading Stevens's complete run of Rocketeer has made it literally impossible to read the current stories coming from IDW. The new stuff (by Mark Waid and some hideous artist that I can't be bothered to get up and determine the name of) are simply dreadful in comparison. Scratch that, they're simply dreadful.

Vultures of the Void is a history of British sci-fi paperbacks in the '50's. I came upon this book as a result of looking for information about E.C. Tubb. It was a surprisingly engrossing read.
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