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Re: Episode of the Week: Hide and Q

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If you really need to ask these questions, I'm pretty sure you've missed the entire point of Star Trek.
I believe that if we fully accepted the point of Star Trek according to season one of TNG, we wouldn't own the VHS, DVDs, BluRays or for that matter, ANYTHING Star Trek related. The need for possessions according to Captain Picard is looked at as "infantile" that humanity has grown out of.

So if you own any piece of Star Trek memorabilia, episodes or movies in any medium, you are missing the point. Me? I'm just going to call the whole "message of Star Trek" according to Gene Roddenberry a bunch of crap. I mean, Gene was no "perfect" being himself in his dealings with the folks who made the show. He even ripped off Alexander Courage by taking half his royalties every time the theme for Star Trek is used. So by your standards, Gene himself missed the entire point of Star Trek.
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