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30 Rock: Final Season (Discussion, spoilers, etc.)

Well, sadly (for me) one of my favorite sitcoms of all time is coming to an end after 7 seasons.

What will become of the adorable Liz Lemon? Will she end up having a baby with Cyclops? Will Jack take over Kabletown? Will Jenna's wedding, to a Jenna impersonator, be a by-the-book affair? Will we finally learn the truth behind Kenneth's age mystery? What will happen to Pete? To Frank? Will Lutz finally get the respect he deserves?

30 Rock is, IMHO, so incredibly clever and funny. Tina Fey is a national treasure, with her geeky Star Wars awkwardness. Alec Baldwin's Jack Donaghy is a right wing nightmare, so commanding.

So if you're a 30 Rock fan, pull up a chair, reminisce about your favorite episodes, and enjoy the last hurrah.

First episode is Thursday, October 4th.

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