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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

The way We Weren't (Farscape) - Now THIS is the farscape I like. Not focusing on Jar jariana. This was a great episode. I enjoyed it a lot from beginning to end. There were so many cool/interesting moments. I did think they were a bit unfair to Aeryn. There were about six soldiers shooting the first pilot, even if she hadn't shot, the pilot would have died. I didn't care about aeryn's old love interest, but besides that it was a great episode.

Home on the Remains (Farscape) - This episode was a mixed bag. Some parts were good, like John and Rygel trying to escape the monster, and Aeryn/Zhaan on the ship. But, the episode is about 60% about Chiana, and everything with her is just bad, so overall its a mediocre episode that I enjoyed parts of.
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