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Re: Is fantasy more popular than science fiction? If so why?

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Science ≠ pseudoscience.
That's why it's called science-fiction, Iguana.
So you know it's not really science. Good. I was worried because of your boson comment.

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And science in science-fiction fiction =/= magic, even if they serve similar plot functions. ALL fictions has basic story and plot functions that must be served by one means or another.
If we squint hard enough, ALL fiction looks more or less the same. The point of contention is whether the "science" in science-fiction is really different from the magic in fantasy except on a cosmetic level. I feel I had to restate the issue before it got too fuzzy in the details of specific narrative examples. Avatar's Eywa can be used to argue both for it being a "scientific/physical" concept and a magical/metaphysical one, which only tells me it's a pretty crappy example.

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Also multiquote isn't magic. Use it.
You know, playing Mod is a pretty poor substitute for reason and logic when arguing, don't you?
I can argue pretty well and point out your apparent inability to use simple forum tools. I'm amazing like that.
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