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Re: 7X05 The Angels Take Manhattan (Grading/Discussion) (SPOILERS!)

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But the BBC should be making programmes aimed at the audience who pays for it,
Who says they aren't? It still seems like they are. Just others outside of the UK also enjoy it.

not for potential audiences elsewhere who don't fund it.
Again, potential audiences elsewhere generate revenue for the BBC, which means they can fund more projects without having to raise the fee.

Sounds like they are saving you money.

If they could have saved money by not going on this vanity trip to New York and achieved the same result then that's what should have been done.
1. What if, as someone proposed, BBC-America helped pay for the episode, which means it didn't cost them anything.

2. What if by spending a little more, in terms of investment, GAINS more than the cost... wouldn't that be using money WELL.

And besides, whether or not they shot in New York doesn't actually reflect on the quality of the story--which, honestly was meh for me. Even if they shot in Cardiff it wouldn't have been better.

I get complaining about actual problems, but shooting in New York? I don't understand the problem.
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