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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Archer. Jonathan Archer. Legendary explorer and early President of the young Federation from 2184 until 2192.
B is for B(ar)oner. Pseudonym used by Captain Kirk during the Klingon occupation of Organia in 2267.
C is for Cochrane comma Zefram. He made us go.
D is for Dick Daystrom. Inventor of the Duotronic computer system.
E is for Earth Prime Minister Nathan Samuels, whose contributions in the 2150s helped create the United Federation of Planets just a few years later.
F is for Finney. Ben Finney. It was later determined that 'records officer' meant that Finney was in charge of the crappy music that plays in the turbolifts and Dr McCoy's waiting room. No wonder he went nuts.
G is for Garth of Izar.
H is for Harcourt Fenton Mudd. He didn't really contribute anything helpful or constructive to Federation history, but he had some buxom women and lady androids.
I is for Isis. Gary Seven's cat. Which occasionally transformed into much more desireable beings.
J is for James Tiberius Kirk, the most famous starship commander and explorer of the 23rd century and quite the ladies' man. He's often shaken but never stirred.
K is for Kyle who once got his ass kicked by Khan. And then got his ass kicked by Khan again.
L is for Lawrence Marvick, one of the chief designers of the legendary Constitution class of Federation starship back in the 2240s.
M is for Lt. Commander Montgomery Scott. Chief Engineer of the USS Enterprise. He believed that the best diplomatic tool was a fully charged phaser bank. Indeed.
N is for Nogura. Admiral Nogura. The highest ranking admiral at Starfleet Command in the early 2270s.
O is for Ozaba. One of the scientists kidnapped by the Vians.
P is for Peace Treaty. The Organians imposed one between the Federation and the Klingon Empire in 2267, the first one ever reached between the two powers.
Q is for "Q".....Not the John De Lancie one, the Corbin Bersen one.
R is for Roger Corby. Creator of lovely androids.
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