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Re: Lucy Liu cast as Watson in CBS' Sherlock Holmes show

Oh, I don't disagree about what the Warehouse 18 producers said. I'm just not into believing them over what's on screen. And "work husband" the "only one [Myka's] ever going to have," just doesn't scream squabbling brother and sister to me. Also,if they're squabbling brother and sister, the naked in bed scene should have been more matter of fact. Unless they themselves are supposed to think of themselves as brother and sister, in which case the semi-incestuousness of it all should been much more uncomfortable.

Pete and Myka live in the same home. They aren't going to have romantic relationships with other characters, even offstage ones, that will cause anything in their lives to change. They won't move into their own homes. They'll still spend their free time with each other. They're a couple. Pete gets to have a roving eye but the double standard means Myka doesn't except for lesbian chic. It's Claudia and Jinks who are doing the brother/sister thing. It's true that we'll no more see Pete and Myka doing the horizontal mambo than we'll see Jinks and anyone. Warehouse 13 isn't that kind of show.

Finally, does anyone commenting on Elementary have anything to say about it's approach to Watson, which is the lynchpin of the whole adaptation?
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