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Re: Sons of Mogh... AWFUL ending

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I dunno, for me I thought it made a lot of sense from Worf's point of view. It really hit home Kurn's point about how domesticated Worf had become and how he had really accepted human morality along with his Klingon beliefs and the two conflicted inside of him.

It's not like we haven't seen Starfleet people erase people's memories with or without consent before in any other series. Either way Kurn dying in this episode would have been predictable and bland. It's what I liked about DS9, they were willing to shake things up and take chances. It couldn't always turn out great, but it showed they were trying.
I tend to agree. I think one of the main points in the episode is how important the concept of culture is to a person, and Worf having to face the fact that despite all his attempts to be a real Klingon, in many respects he isn't one. He still values Klingon culture, but he was raised by the Federation. And the Feds don't typically put one's sense of honor or family above the individual in the ways that Klingon society emphasizes.

FWIW, the script also has some unused dialogue for some of the scenes, like when Dax apologizes to Worf. I sometimes wish they'd leave more of those lines in.

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