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Re: Dexter - Season 7 (with Spoilers)

Great episode, ranking right up there with episodes from the better seasons.

I think Deb is going to be on the fence about turning in Dex for a while until a particularly brutal case comes up that Miami Metro can't close despite knowing who the killer is, and Deb, in a moment of weakness and desperation, turns to Dexter to resolve the situation his way. After that, she'll be hooked into being his keeper for the most of the rest of the season and possibly into the next.

I'm hoping Dexter's revelation is enough to put Deb off of her infatuation with him, but the fact that they included it in the "previously on..." recap makes me think it might be revisited. I hope not, since they've got a perfect excuse for her not to be attracted to him any more (which was gross enough to begin with).

Dexter's tracking and killing of Mike's mob enforcer murderer was given short shrift from the usual pattern of stalking, extensive prep, and Dex giving a speech to the killer, but I guess that's understandable given how jam packed this episode was. I just hope the sloppy fingerprint grab and airport killing don't become the norm for how they depict Dexter's kills this season with all the other stuff going on.
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