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Re: Insurrection as an episode...

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even if you say the planet's not Federation by location, the PD still doesn't apply, not even under the broadest definitions, since the Baku aren't pre-contact, or even FROM that planet originally.

If you apply the PD to the Baku, you make it so all-encompassing that it would basically paralyze the UFP.
Um didn't you just say

sonak wrote:
But remember, Dougherty ONLY proceeded that way because of the false assumption that the Baku were agrarian primitives.
Seeing as they were planning to move the Ba'ku before Picard arrived and found out they were warp capable this would mean that at the time they would believe that the Ba'ku were pre-warp

What that means is that from Dougherty's perspective at the time the Prime Directive would in fact apply and as such he would be planning to violate it.
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