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Re: Insurrection as an episode...

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Which part of "kidnapping a people and rob them" is pragmatic and ethical?
One political entity forces its will upon another. Happened numerous times in history and the word for this is imperialism.

the kidnapping is the pragmatic part, the use of the resources for the general welfare is the ethical part.
Actually its kidnapping and THEFT of resources. Remember you pretty much agreed that this wasn't a federation planet earlier

Besides kidnapping is still a crime last I checked.

And again, I agree that the way they were going to go about it was problematic. But remember, Dougherty ONLY proceeded that way because of the false assumption that the Baku were agrarian primitives.
Oh so it all right to do the very thing the federation came up with the Prime Directive to prevent now?

So you're basically saying its all right for the federation and really any nation to hypocritically piss all over every thing were founded on and acting no better than an expansionist empire who crushes anyone who gets in their way if they don't kindly take it in the rear.
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