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Re: 7X05 The Angels Take Manhattan (Grading/Discussion) (SPOILERS!)

Going off-topic here...

Oddly, that review explains one of the fundamental problems with the Star Trek: The Next Generation crossover comic.
From Moffat's work on the series so far, I've come to notice that he doesn't seem to understand what the companion is for. The companion is supposed to be the character through which the audience interacts with the Doctor, and who grounds the Doctor's actions by giving him perspective on how his behavior affects normal people.
That describes succinctly the problem with Rory and Amy in Assimilation2 -- they have no narrative role in a Star Trek story. They don't need to function as the audience's window into this strange world, because the audience knows exactly what the Star Trek universe is and how it works. They can't carry any of the action, because there's a whole slew of Star Trek characters to do that. Basically, they have no function in the story except to stand around and occasionally talk to Deanna Troi. In retrospect, maybe this story should have been set during one of the Doctor's companion-less periods, much like the recent novel Dark Horizons (which is absolutely lovely, by the way).

Back to our "The Angels Take Manhattan" discussion...
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