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Emily Owens MD

Meryl Streep's daughter as a Doctor again, although on Off The Map she played a Bitchmonster from Hell, here she's somewhat of a possum caught in the headlights, ripping off early Grey's Anatomy quite well... The unusual difference is that the preachy thought bubble from the beginning of Greys Anatomy just keeps running though out the show, except it's Emily being neurotic about how the world is against her or everything is a trick or a threat... Which it most likely is. There are at least three bitch monsters from hell circling her sniffing for blood.

There's a misdirect on the love story which was fun, which is just going to make her bitter as her one true love, Smallvilles Green Arrow runs off with a bitch Monster (This is a line from Buffy which her psych professor Walsh used to describe herself.) from hell... Which leaves our little heartlorne on her sleave blonde girl a few options that she can't even quite recognize as yet...

The medicine was fantastic. Greys gave up on medicine years ago. It's all about sex, but here, just the act of resuscitating a patience going through the steps of a code seemed exciting because it was all explained by the numbers, while Emily was trying not to pull out her hair... I'm amazed that she could intubate on her first try since every other medical show I've seen makes clear that that procedure (sticking an air pipe down a throat) isn't taught till the first day and it's a little impossible.

I'm also amazed that they still use pagers.


I suppose it would cost billions to upgrade and change the procedure for the new millennium which isn't so fan dangled new any more.

Strong defined characters, subplots left hanging that are going to explode down the line, and Denver... That place snows all year round. Which means that costuming is going to be 8 layers on every actress and actor so that there's no obvious exploitation of the audience ambient sex, but truly I think we've all seen Justin Hartly take his shirt off enough for one life time.

Not bad for a girl drama.
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