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Re: The Revolution pilot is online now...

Man, the 15-year un-recharged battery life on iPhones that have been stored in open air is impressive. I wonder if whatever de-powers everything including batteries and sparkplugs (I'm still sticking with nanites) can also serve as a power source itself in large enough numbers? It's the only way I see these small battery-operated portable electronics being able to work. Big stuff like Grace's computer I figure you can run off a generator using some kind of renewable fuel source.

I liked the insights in Miles' history as one of the founders of the Monroe Republic and the commander/trainer of its militia. I figured given his relationship with Monroe that something like that had to be in play, but I didn't figure he was that intimately involved for that long (I thought maybe he started out with them but left early because Monroe went nuts). The redemption of his character really hinges on how long he was involved with the militia. Obviously he started it to reclaim some sense of order from the lawless aftermath of the blackout, which is understandable and even commendable, but was enslavement, torture, mass murder, and the needless sacrifice of their own men part of the training regimen or just something the more corrupt individual commanders started doing on their own or with Monroe's blessing? If he was part of that for a long period of time (as the "war criminal" label suggests), it's hard to sympathize with him, even if he has changed his ways somewhat.

Overall, another good episode.
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