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Re: Enterprise-D vs. Voyager (extenuating circumstances)

The thing from the Bayou wrote: View Post
^No, Picard didn't. The Traveler did....
So basically Picard got the alien that sent his ship to another galaxy to send them home while Janeway couldn't in her situation.

Picard 1, Janeway 0

Gary7 wrote: View Post
Remember, we've seen the Enterprise trounced by Romulan and/or Klingon warships. We've seen both brought to near destruction by more powerful ships from other alien races. There's no tightly cohesive specification mapped out for how powerful each of these ships are. It all rests upon the story, in each series. As such, it could be written either way with Voyager or Enterprise winning... it all depends upon the context.
Seeing as TNG is more popular than VOY I would fully expect the writers to have The Enterprise-D win after all being the big guns of the 24th century has its advantages.
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