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Re: Things found in your kitchen.

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Apart from that, I don't think there's much pointless gadgetry in my kitchen, apart from the usual blender that's never used sitting in a cupboard. Sometimes I think people shouldn't bother taking those with them when they move; if everyone did the same, they'd just find one ready & waiting to be ignored when they move into their new place...
Excellent idea. I had one when I was married. Might've used it twice? Left it behind when I left my husband. Eventually bought another one (God knows why, and actually he's probably not sure either). Didn't use it at all. Gave it away after a couple years.
I blame it on the commercials where you're shown all these healthy, quick & tasty things you can make. But somehow you never have the desire, or never have the enough of the raw ingredients handy even if you do think of using it.

Hmm... Just to clarify, I eventually bought another blender, not another husband.
Just as long as the first husband wasn't disposed of using the blender...
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