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Re: Castle Season 5 (including Spoilers)

Oh come on.. Castle is light entertainment and as such will never be considered Emmy or Globe worthy (as much as i'd want them to get some).. for whatever that means quality wise.

I have zero problems with cases resonating with personal stuff because as Borg Emilia pointed out most viewers are into Castle because of the characters and the romance between the leads. So the writers used a cheap trick in this one.. big deal. It was still very funny and entertaining and that's often enough with shows i like.

It's also not constantly the case with Castle that they use this method or on the nose as in this one so i can easily overlook it (if it needs overlooking at all.. i don't mind).

If you want perfectly developed storylines go read a good book.. this is mass entertainment and as such has different scales how it should be judged. You either agree and enjoy or you nitpick everything to death.. i'm guilty on both but i do try to enjoy shows most of the times and those i don't i simply stop watching and don't bother anymore.
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