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Re: TNG Caption This! 285: Power to the Players

Thanks for the double wins!

Picard's buddy: Gee you think Hitler might take over Europe?
Picard: (muttering) And he calls himself a history buff...

Data: Right! As your second officer I have realised there are too many distractions on this bridge. Mr La Forge desist with playing with that orb, Doctor you are supposed to be in Sickbay not on the bridge, lieutenant Tasha please look more useful at primary tactical, and Worf stop eyeing up the ensign's legs!

Lwaxana: Oh my!
Picard: I was trying to tell you about that, but you insisted upon walking into my quarters while Beverly was in a state of erm... undressing, for... for something.

Picard: How do you... do you do it? You didn't even take your clothes off.
Beverly: Twenty years of sexual repression.

Data: Sir, request permission to destroy that probe.
Picard: It poses no threat, so lower shields-
Data: Sir I really recommend we destroy the probe, I just have a feeling something bad is going to happen... Like it will change someone's life in a very big way.
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