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Re: Alternate Doctors

I'd love to see a Doctor who's a little older than the recent run. Maybe mid-40s to mid-50s.

Annoyingly, I would have suggested Rupert Graves but he's now appeared on the show as a different character this season. Still, there is a previously-trodden workaround for that problem, where regeneration is concerned...

Other options: Toby Stephens (in a few years time), James Purefoy, Peter Capaldi, Gabriel Byrne. Off topic, but I think Cherie Lunghi would be great as a Time Lady companion or adversary for a slightly older Doctor. She has the right bearing/look for that kind of part, as well as a great voice.

Yes, Peter Capaldi as a somewhat abrasive & cerebral but still charming Doctor, travelling with Cherie Lunghi as his slightly superior but beautiful Time Lady companion...

(they'd need a third, younger, companion too to maintain a broad demographic appeal. Late teen or very early 20s. The added benefit of that would be that it would create quite a dysfunctional but potentially entertaining little TARDIS family.)

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