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Re: Chris Chapel stories

I find it surprising that Chapel hasn't been given more 'air-time' in stories. They set her up with an interesting background in bio-research, archaeology, paleobiology, and exobiology (her work with Korby) and almost nobody has built on that since her first appearance. I think her later problem was that making her an MD instead head of life sciences means that she has no separate niche. She will always be second fiddle to McCoy.

I featured her in my online Youtube comic as the more scientific doctor and I've found it almost too easy to feature her instead of McCoy as far as plot devices are concerned because I try to feature characters based on their merits and qualifications and McCoy is just an old country doctor, albeit he is a far more fun character to write.

I do think Chapel deserves a bigger slice of the pie than she's had so far. Lets hope she gets more than one line in the movie sequel.
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