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Re: OT: Building AMT Mellinium Falcon Kit

Here's a bit of progress. I've been working on this an hour or so most days. Here's a couple pics. I've made them thumbnails as I took these pictures on my phone and I'm too lazy to figure out how exactly to resize them.

The first is the access bay on the upper left side of the hull. I added a bunch of paperclips for the piping and conduits, as well as more scratch built details. Unfortunately, this pic kinda sucks, I'll do better ones later.

I've also been working on a replacement for the cockpit interior. I put this together using graphics of the set-interior put together by some dude named John Rohde that I found with some Google-fu. After printing the images out on some glossy photo paper, I cut them out and assembled them so they fit into the "window frames." I think the effect looks pretty good.

More to come...

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